Quality & Safety network

Quality and Safety network

These last few years, HOPE and PAQS have had several collaboration opportunities, e.g. HOPE study tours, presentations at the European Parliament and HOPE Agora. Sharing best practices and experience is known to be one of the most effective ways to improve our health systems and more particularly quality of care and patient safety issues.

Considering the absence of concrete actions carried out by the European Union, we see an opportunity to develop a structured network to share quality and safety best practices between European countries.

Supported by HOPE members and their respective networks and by the expertise and resources PAQS holds, the creation of a “Quality and Safety network” at European level will:

  • Create/reinforce links between different organisations working on quality of care and patient safety in Europe;
  • Strengthen the image and visibility of the two organisations;
  • Increase learning opportunities and share best practices;
  • In the long run, facilitate the implementation of common projects in different European countries.

The Quality and Safety network will gather on a quarterly basis by means of educational webinars to present and share best practices across Europe.

What is next?

  1. 12 October 2021 we travel North and learn more about patient safety activities in Estonian hospitals based on a study conducted in 2021 about quality management systems. The topic we will be learning about is – if the government is not leading the patient safety movement, who is? Interested? Sign-up here
  2. On 14 December 2021 we will have a webinar about patient reported safety indicators. After PREMs and PROMs, there is a new measure in town; the Patient Reported Incident Measure (PRIM). You want to learn more about the first measure organized in French-speaking Belgium and see what we can learn from patients to improve their safety? Register here

If you want to view one of the past webinars, go to our youtube channel

  • June 2019: Belgian TeamSTEPPS pilot-project
  • September 2019: Vienna’s tailor-made certification programme
  • February 2020: IHI Health Improvement Alliance Europe
  • June 2020: European MedEye project on medication safety
  • October 2020: Regional Strategy for Patient improvement
  • January 2021 : National Safety program in the Netherlands
  • April 2021: Spanish Patient safety Strategy
  • June 2021 : Portuguese Patient Safety Culture Assessment

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