Adverse events sharing

Did you know that sharing adverse events analyses can help improve patient safety? And can even save lives? Sharing adverse events analyses makes it possible to understand from where they come and find solutions such that they are no longer occurring.

For this reason, PAQS has created a reporting form for adverse events for healthcare professionals. This project should encourage the exchange of experiences between the institutions as well as formulate recommendations by respecting anonymous and confidential data of each adverse event.

Several international organizations (Canada, Switzerland, United States) have also taken a similar initiative and share adverse events analyses. Discover them here:
Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) 
Sécurité des patients Suisse (Quick-alert) - Fondation pour la Sécurité des Patients
Patient Safety Network


Do you wish to report an adverse event or do you want more information about the procedure? Fill in the form or contact Ana Van Innis, Quality & Safety Officer,

*The definitions of adverse events used by PAQS have been developed by the FPS Public health. In the document "Enquête sur le système de gestion de la sécurité 2015", an incident is described as "an unintended occurrence during the care process which led to damage to the patient or could (still) lead to it." And a near-incident as "an unintended occurrence during the care process that could have led to damage to the patient, but which was noticed and corrected before it could reach the patient".

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